Lost in music

This music video was shot at festivals and gigs, in and around Ireland over a number of years, in an attempt to capture those moments where man is 'lost' in the euphoric plane of music. The moments created by, and between, music from the Performers to the Audiences. Irish Audiences, in particular, are renown world-wide as some of the most passionate. This is a tribute to all the music givers, music lovers and the shared moments between those loose enough to let go...and be 'lost in music'.

Eventually intended to be part of a larger documentary project currently being created, exploring this theme...

Set to Irish instrumental/post-rock band 'God is an astronaut's' 'Echoes'.

Directed, Shot & Produced Tanya Reihill. Edited by Gretta Ohle.

CELEBRATE - Performed by Jerry Fish

'Celebrate' was re-released, and a new film created in aid of Barretstown Childrens Charity.
It's a celebration of the joy of music. Master showman, Jerry Fish whips you up and takes you on the journey, the dance, the elation we all share when we open ourselves to those moments - part of a larger project 'Lost in Music' currently being created.

Sung by Jerry Fish, Produced by Gavin Glass. To download: http://soundcloud.com/jerry-fish/sets/celebrate

All 2012 proceeds going to Barretstown Children's Charity.


Aisling means 'Vision' in the native Gaelic language of Ireland. This short is a portrait of my country: in all her beauty and darkness, past and present, using still photography and motion film.
My hope was to create a small visual poem with a view to continue shooting a longer film exploring the island in more depth. Perhaps one day...

The Directors

Following over 5 years, 10 young film-makers living in Hollywood, California. People from all walks of life and cultures, with one undying devotion to realizing a near impossible dream: To Direct films. Following them through the years on their individual pilgrimages. This story is not about whether they ‘make it’ - it’s about the endurance, the struggle and ultimately, the nobility of artistic spirit.

The Wonderful World of Terry Willers, Cartoonist.

A playful portrait of a Cartoonist, Gentleman and Humorist. Terry takes us into his studio and home, in the heart of the Irish countryside, and tells his life story as we venture through the archives of his wonderful life's work - of 'making people laugh'.

THE IRISH TIMES "Creative Genius -Terry Willers, one of Ireland's best known Cartoonists...a human factory, a creative powerhouse, a cartoonist in the broad humorous tradition of Disney (for whose studio he briefly worked)."

Photography reel

A short collage of some of my images set to the music of Peter Gabriel.

Betting the Game

A small-time Bookie, in a desperate moment, decides a kidnapping is the answer to recovering his debts and restoring his reputation. But it's a gamble that leaves him in way over his head...
Betting the Game was a 546 award winning thesis project in the Graduate Film Production Program, at U.S.C.

Officially selected for 19 International Film Festivals.

Winning awards at: Worldfest 2001, 1st place Platinum Award Best Short Narrative (1,400 short entries)
Atalantic City Film Festival, 1st place, Gold Award – Best Dramatic Short.
49th Columbus International Film Festival - Bronze plaque.
Rocester International Film Festival Trophy Winner

Picked up for international Broadcast Television by: PBS (U.S.A) Annual KCET ‘Fine Cut’ Series
The Sci-fi Channel (U.S.A.) ‘Exposure Series’, Network 2 (Ireland) ‘Debut Series’Universal Television (Spain,) Film Four (U.K), BS Japan Network (Tokyo Japan), RTE National Broadcast Station (Ireland)

The feature length script was also a Finalist for the Sundance institute Feature Filmmakers lab. 2002.

Spirit of Music

Exploring the idea of music as something spiritual, and why such a small country as Ireland, has such a rich and prolific history of musical creation. Interviews and music from various Irish Artists: Mundy, Colin Devlin, Cathy Davey, Shane Mac Gowan, Jack L. Another short with a view to creating a feature version.