Welcome to flesh and stone...

August 7, 2012

‘Flesh & Stone’ is an introduction to my photography and film… I spent many years studying in the top programs around the world, a lot of near misses followed, to little or no acclaim.  I’ve plowed on, regardless. I’m freelance, and most of the work here is just stuff I went out to get with a camera, an idea in mind and a talent for little-else.

It presents images from sights that made me stop, had me smile or broke my heart.  My heart gets broken a few times a day – watching an old person struggling home with their shopping, a three-legged dog in a doorway, a bird hopping along a wall with an injured wing and a knowing between us, it’ll not fly again.  And then there’s the spectacular beauty, and things that inspire – live music, awe-striking landscapes, color-filled evening skies, and people – wonderful people of breathtaking courage, small generosities, sweet companionship.  It’s a strange journey we’re on here…This is a testimony to the things I’ve seen and felt along it’s way.

My latest film, is a piece created for the re-release of Jerry Fish’s ‘Celebrate’.  Jerry is a master singer and showman – and I’m honored to be part of the launch.   He’s donating all proceeds from 2012 sales to Barretstown Childrens Charity.  The film is  a celebration of the elation music brings.  …I hope you’ll take a look, and enjoy.